Quality Control

The Quality Of Your Apparel is Our Responsibility Too

Fashion apparel manufacturers rely heavily on their reputation and professional relationships with their clients for business success. Many companies invest heavily in developing strict quality assurance processes and programs. Quality control is considered to be the agent of quality assurance and together can govern the future success of a company. A lot of time is dedicated to quality control during the manufacturing process and covers elements such as:

  • Styling
  • Sizing consistency
  • Sample comparison
  • Colour shade checks
  • Fabric finish and quality
  • Fabric lab testing for piling, light fastness, and rubbing

We recognize and appreciate the importance of quality control for your continued success and offer our ongoing support while your stock is in our care. Our staff take this responsibility very seriously and are fastidious in their attention to detail and strive to protect your garments to the best of their ability.

Quality Matters

At BRIMPAC we acknowledge your investment in your products and support your efforts to provide quality assurance to your valued clients. We understand that buyers will not purchase inferior quality garments and the better the quality of the garment, the higher the retail value, and the better your customer retention.

Our quality control services include:

  • Industry trained professionals
  • Garment on hanger
  • Fabric care
  • Professional dry cleaning
  • Pressing and steaming
  • Identification and repair of small faults
  • Price ticketing

BRIMPAC offers the reassurance that your garments will reach their destination in the best possible condition to guarantee customer satisfaction. We take quality control and quality assurance seriously and is an essential component of our premium service to all BRIMPAC clients.

Consumers notice the smallest details of the goods they are about to purchase, that is why at BRIMPAC we pay attention to every single aspect of your fashion garments to guarantee a top result in store.