Facility Tour

Witness BRIMPACs Commitment
To Service Excellence First

We offer prospective and current clients a tour of the BRIMPAC facility as part of our on-going commitment to customer service. The tour of the facility provides clients the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the operating potential of the company and offers reassurance that our dedication to providing a superior service is a reality.

Benefits of a facility tour include:

  • The opportunity to see the operating potential of BRIMPAC
  • The chance to observe our processes and workflow
  • The chance to assess the security levels of the facility for peace of mind
  • The chance to witness the BRIMPAC professional community at work
  • The opportunity to voice any concerns or requests regarding our processes
  • The chance to build a solid connection and steadfast partnership
    based on a clear understanding of what BRIMPAC has to offer.

Call us today to arrange an appointment for an informative guided tour. Alternatively, you can view our facility via the photos below.

Container Unloading


High Velocity Picking

RF Picking

Undercover receiving and dispatch

WMS System