In The Fashion Industry, Appearance Is Everything

Stores continue to take a pounding due to the rapid growth of on-line sales. The pressure for garment manufacturers to remain competitive is ever-increasing, and the quality of store-bought apparel has never been more important than today. At BRIMPAC, we offer fashion warehousing solutions and merchandising services that provide our clients a vital opportunity to remain competitive in the future global fashion market. Garment quality and presentation are essential in both the fashion wholesale and retail sectors. Our industry knowledge includes an awareness of the consumer decision-making process regarding garment purchasing. Consumers consider several pivotal elements such as; style and fit, colour, touch, and feel. These garment characteristics are more difficult to communicate online and tend to rely more on brand awareness.

Attention To Detail

BRIMPAC's merchandising specialists provide advice and support regarding the quality and marketing of your goods, inventory forecasting, and stock replenishment. We understand that quality and presentation are essential components of the apparel industry to promote sales. Our representatives respond quickly to customer orders and prioritize urgent orders as per customer requirements.

We offer pressing, price ticketing and garment on hanger (GOH) finishing services, and deliver store-ready garments to retailers Australia-wide. Our team pays attention to detail, we establish a sales history and identify a re-order point whereby your inventory is replenished according to performance, season or as forecasted. Whether it is a new order or stock replenishment, we ensure that your garments arrive at their destination in pristine condition and ready for immediate sale.