Inventory Control

Inventory Control Solutions
For Customer Service Excellence

The apparel industry relies upon effective inventory management for successful stock control and continued business success. At BRIMPAC, our staff have years of experience in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic Purchase Order (EPO) systems and have successfully supported their implementation by companies such as Myer, Kmart, Target, and David Jones.

Integrated inventory control systems are essential for companies of any size and are used to obtain vital information about current stock levels. In fact, stock management is one of the most effective ways to obtain control over your supply chain costs. Our apparel inventory control service provides a multitude of rewards such as:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity-Inventory management software and scan packing eliminates
    manual processes, avoids miscalculations and allows your staff to focus on other core business concerns.
  • Improved customer relationships- Good inventory management enables you to forecast and meet
    customer demand, and avoid customer service failures.
  • Improved cash flow- You have full transparency of the amount of stock you have and can
    avoid extra spending on slow moving products.
  • Improved stock control- minimize the amount of idle stock and maximize sales opportunities.
  • Real time transactional data events
  • Cycle counting and stocktakes
  • Location management and SKU profiling. This is to ensure that we have optimised SKU velocity maps
    in our warehouse to ensure highest throughput efficiency in the inbound and outbound activities

Your Stock Is More Than Just A Number.
It Is Your Business

At BRIMPAC we understand that your stock IS your business and accurate inventory management is a company asset that ultimately provides you the opportunity to budget and forward plan.

Electronic communication occurs in real-time through barcode scanning of merchandise. Barcoded labels are attached to all stock and facilitate fast and accurate identification. Barcoding helps suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers accurately manage their inventory. All stock is checked against the appropriate order, and information such as total number of items packed, number of packages, value, and other relevant detail is relayed back to the retailer. We monitor the flow of products from warehouse to the point of sale with accuracy and provide inventory reports that allow you to analyse your demand history and anticipate seasonal demands.